Where to Begin?

IMG 0113 300x225 Where to Begin?We coined the phrase, “the Phase 3 Life” to identify the period when there are options in how to live, but it is unclear how to proceed.  It usually begins sometime after your 50th birthday, when kids have transitioned to their own lives and what you do to make a living has become less relevant to who you are. The impediments to making significant life changes can be varied, but we believe that doing some things differently at this stage is important and will result in a better and longer life.

So, where to begin?  Libby and I have changed our focus from work and possessions to experiences and knowledge.  To start, we have tried to eliminate some of the impediments that get in the way of change.  We sold our house and moved into an apartment.  After a year, we moved out of our apartment and decided to redefine “home” as where we are rather than a place we own. We both left our jobs and have been methodically reducing what we own by selling, giving away or throwing out anything that is not directly useful in the life we have envisioned for ourselves. While these changes may feel drastic to some, we found the changes provided a freedom we have not felt for a long time.

What will this new life look like?  We are not sure; but this blog is meant to document what we try, what works and what does not.  In the end, the central idea of our Phase 3 Life is to capture some of the youthful discovery that was lost with the structure of careers, raising children and all the other responsibilities an adult takes on.

We hope that those of you on a similar search will find us and share your discoveries.  Together, we can learn and get ideas for living this last best phase of life.

We look forward to the conversation.


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